Thursday, November 6, 2008

From a baby to a toddler

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby boy! I can't even begin to believe it has already been a year with Chase in our lives, almost two years if you consider the "belly buddy" period. It is incredible to see what kind of little boy he has already become. Looking over this blog, starting with my first entry when he was somewhere around 4 months, I was shocked to see what changes have occurred without really noticing. I mean the walking little human is obvious, but their are other changes I haven't really taken as much to heart. Sleep! Yes, we sleep now. How have I not taken more time to thank God for sleeping again? Well here it is- THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! What else has changed? I have figured out how to balance being a mom, a wife, and myself with all 3 equally important. Inevitably, my brain is still consumed with thoughts of my little boy, but I am feeling like Brianna again and not just mommy. I am taking night classes as well, working towards applying to the nursing program. Ernie is doing great- awesome dad, provider, husband, and best buddy. We are having the time of our lives with Chase, loving every minute. This past year has been indescribable and I can't even predict what the next one will bring!

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